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What did God say today? God is speaking powerfully through the miraculous daily collisions of heaven and earth.

The Touched by Heaven podcast shares encounters with angels, divine interventions, visions, near-death experiences, and God-incidents to fortify the faithful and awaken the fallen away.


Sep 4, 2018

TBH 023

Trapper Jack was a guest on Dave Schrader's Midnight in the Desert radio program. Dave shared a story of divine intervention that prevented his own horrifying death.

Midnight in the Desert

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Hope to See You Wednesday in Medina

Trapper Jack will be speaking at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Medina, Ohio, on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 from 7 to 8 PM. The title of the talk is "How Blindness Led Me Back to My Faith."

We have all seen loved ones walk away from God. Trapper left the church for 15 years. What brought Trapper and millions of others back, is the same thing that can keep people in the pews today ... The miraculous.

Everything that was happening 2000 years ago, is still happening today! Come and hear about the daily collisions of heaven and earth. Plus, the science that is wrapped around the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Eucharistic miracles is amazing.

To be awakened, our loved ones just need to hear what God did today. We invite you, your family and friends, to come to this free talk.

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church ... 606 E Washington Street, Medina, OH 44256