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What did God say today? God is speaking powerfully through the miraculous daily collisions of heaven and earth.

The Touched by Heaven podcast shares encounters with angels, divine interventions, visions, near-death experiences, and God-incidents to fortify the faithful and awaken the fallen away.


Feb 28, 2021

TBH 149

Sandra was a skeptic. On her visit to Medjugorje, Bosnia, she was forever hearing other people talking about their multitude of mystical experiences. It seemed everybody else was seeing and feeling pieces of heaven. Sandra was seeing and feeling nothing. Were people making up these stories?

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If you...

Feb 21, 2021

TBH 148

An agnostic couple, both artists, have been brought to faith by God repeatedly throwing at them, numbers of incredible synchronicity.

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Feb 14, 2021

TBH 147

Only God can heal our wounds. This podcast episode demonstrates how…
     1. We are all broken
     2. God is dazzling in how he puts us back together.
"After the loss of my son, happy didn't exist anymore. But now I can see how everything has a purpose. We're supposed to help someone else."
Anthony's first TBH...

Feb 4, 2021

TBH 146

It was an interesting place to be hearing an angel. Dawn, sitting on a barstool, heard an inner voice. She assumes that it was her guardian angel. Dawn had separated herself from God, church, life, and family. Heaven seemed to be reaching out in an effort to bring her back.

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