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What did God say today? God is speaking powerfully through the miraculous daily collisions of heaven and earth.

The Touched by Heaven podcast shares encounters with angels, divine interventions, visions, near-death experiences, and God-incidents to fortify the faithful and awaken the fallen away.


Dec 26, 2018

TBH 038

This Christmas gift of visions and voices is delivered by Tracy Iacovetti. Most impactful is the appearance of Jesus Christ Himself. The message that Tracy received is for all of us.


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Dec 20, 2018

TBH 037

We sometimes struggle to hear God's voice in our daily life. These Touched by Heaven moments demonstrate the many different ways that God is in conversation with us. So, what is God saying in all of the near-death experiences? Karen Seeberg and Emily Rodavich share their near-death encounters, where they hovered...

Dec 12, 2018

 TBH 036

Have you ever locked yourself out of your house or car? How did you get back in? Sometimes, a prayer will do the trick. In this week's podcast episode, it is once again demonstrated that prayer is the key to connecting to God and all that He provides. Since time began, prayer has been the key.


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Dec 6, 2018

TBH 35 

17-year-old Zoe Ridenour and her mom, Sarah, were seemingly handed some sour lemons at Zoe's birth. Not so! Huge miracles were on the horizon for this mother-daughter team.

Heidi Krause reminds us with her story to pay attention to our dreams. Every now and then we receive a very cool message from heaven.