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Our faith can slip if it is not constantly reinforced. This podcast blasts away all doubt of the awesome power of our God by highlighting the miraculous, daily collisions of heaven and earth. By exposing these encounters with angels, divine intervention, visions, and God-incidents, Touched by Heaven fortifies us and can help awaken our fallen away loved ones.

Aug 14, 2018

TBH 20

The rosary has had success in stopping tanks, thwarting a serial killer, muting the force of an atomic bomb, and creating unforgettable moments for this week's podcast guests.

"Pray the rosary every day." This has become the often repeated message from Blessed Mother Mary at her many apparitions. Why is praying the...

Aug 6, 2018

TBH 19

God does not limit Himself to any particular language when connecting with us. God certainly got the attention of Moses with that whole burning bush thing.

In our conversations with God we need to remind ourselves that God will use all available forms of communication.  Who, or what, is He using to speak with us?