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What did God say today? God is speaking powerfully through the miraculous daily collisions of heaven and earth.

The Touched by Heaven podcast shares encounters with angels, divine interventions, visions, near-death experiences, and God-incidents to fortify the faithful and awaken the fallen away.


Apr 17, 2018

Conversations with Heaven

 "I just wish God would give us a sign that mom is in heaven." An instant  later, God delivered the perfect sign, laying in the sand on the beach. Stunned, Linda Lamarca and her sister understood the divine message. "We thanked God," said Linda, "We knew that she was there in heaven."

This podcast episode of Touched by Heaven – Everyday Encounters with God is about the conversations that we all have with God, the angels, and saints. An interesting thing happens when we call out to them. They respond.

Maria Burley asked God for an angel. He instantly delivered. Even the angel's clothing was heavenly designed. Sharon Vertal smiled for a week after God gave her a special visionary moment with her deceased husband, John. Lee Knox and Trapper Jack received their perfectly timed messages through apps on their mobile phones.

God's creativity is infinite. He obviously loves to engage with us in conversation. He's listening right now.

Our special thanks this week to our listeners, Scott, George, Aurora, Amy, Randall, Andrew, Laurie, Heidi, and Janet. In our quest to hit our initial goal of 100 Patreon supporters, we have now reached 40! Thank you so much! All listeners and supporters remain in our daily prayers.

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