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What did God say today? God is speaking powerfully through the miraculous daily collisions of heaven and earth.

The Touched by Heaven podcast shares encounters with angels, divine interventions, visions, near-death experiences, and God-incidents to fortify the faithful and awaken the fallen away.


Jul 14, 2024

TBH 323

In a world of God’s miracles and blessings, this is good stuff! This is the story of an atheist from the U.S. meeting a Brazilian believer in a Rome taxi driven by a crazy man who was running red lights and driving 60+ miles an hour through downtown Rome at 1 AM.

Nothing like a little shared fear of death to...

Jul 7, 2024

TBH 322

It's hard to hear God's voice when you've already decided what you want Him to say. Someone has said that Moses went up the mountain to see God while holding blank tablets. When we have blank tablets we have open hearts. God reveals Himself in Scripture. God reveals himself in the Commandments.

God, in these 320+...