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Heaven and earth collide every day. God is not boring. In this podcast, we highlight heavenly messages, visions, near death experiences, God-incidents, Angels and more. Radio Host Trapper Jack throws in his own special brand of humor to create this unique and entertaining podcast.



Share Your Encounter

Do you have a story for Touched by Heaven? I would love to hear about it. Please send me an email (see below) with a brief description and the best way to reach you.


Support the Podcasts

If you would like to partner with us by making a contribution, please send checks payable to:

Blind Guy Media LLC
P.O. Box 26161
Cleveland, Ohio 44126

Thank you and God bless!


Contact Trapper about Speaking at your Next Event

Trapper has stories to tell and can customize his topics to the theme of your event. He is blind and thanks God for that every day. Why? Because the blindness is what let him back to his faith and he's not ashame to talk about it!

"I promise that you will never catch me reading my speech from the podium, I can't! My story comes from the heart and showcases the eternal mercy, love, and transformative powers of the Holy Trinity." -- Trapper

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