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Our faith can slip if it is not constantly reinforced. This podcast blasts away all doubt of the awesome power of our God by highlighting the miraculous, daily collisions of heaven and earth. By exposing these encounters with angels, divine intervention, visions, and God-incidents, Touched by Heaven fortifies us and can help awaken our fallen away loved ones.

Apr 10, 2018

 Tom Hanks, We Need You

Who knew? Tom Hanks is the key to the future of the Christian church! Leave it to Trapper Jack to see the not so obvious.

The miracle of the Holy Fire, once again, occurred over the Orthodox Easter weekend. Fire burned inside the tomb of Christ in Jerusalem, marking the truth of the resurrection. On this episode, Dana Beagle, Chris Pefkaros and her daughter, Leah, recount the story of how the Holy Fire prevented a home from burning down last year.

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